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How to piss off your grocery store cashier
(Brought to you by working for 10 months at a grocery store and needing an outlet)

- Empty baskets go with the other empty baskets, usually under or around the front of the till. They do not go on my belt, nor on the end of my till, or anyplace you see me using while ringing through groceries.

- Full baskets do not go on my belt for me to empty. That's YOUR job.

- If you dump your groceries in a heap on the belt, I will dump them in a heap in the bags. You obviously don't care about them, so why should I?

- Frozen pizzas are big, and go in the bag first. So please, no matter how big the temptation, do NOT put them under a big pile of other stuff.

- If my light is off, and there's a 'Please use other checkout' sign up, it doesn't matter if I'm standing there, or even if I'm serving other customers, I'm CLOSED.

- An item that doesn't scan is not free. And the reason I'm not laughing at your joke that it is, is because I've heard it at least a dozen times already (today, if it's Christmas time).

- If you 'ration' my cloth bag usage, only giving me a new bag once I've filled the first one, you will end up with oddly packed bags, and possibly squished bread.

- If you grab bags away from me before I even set them down, or grab them off the bag holder before I get to moving them off, I will bite your f***ing fingers off. No, I don't care if you're in a hurry, you're being rude.

- If you ask me to double bag everything, I will pack heavier. They keep track of how many bags I use.

- I cannot read your mind. TELL ME if you have specific packing instructions.

- There are separators at every till, including "express"/"speedy" lanes - USE THEM!

- It's nice that you have a credit card and are going to pay with it, but I can't do jack shit until I know what TYPE of credit card it is.

- Yes, my first name is on my name tag. No, that does not mean you can use it.

- Thanks for telling me I'm doing a good job. Now, go to customer service and leave my boss a note so THEY know.

(Please note that this is not meant to be offensive, but rather, educational)

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