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Absent Minded Ramblings

An exploration of the dangerous unknown that is my brain

I'm insane. That's all you really need to know. From giving customers at work stuffed cows for christmas, to aiding and abetting a friend in eatting paper, most of what I do has no logical explanation to those not privy to my brain. Some people out there don't NEED the logical explanation, of course, and those are the people I prefer to hang out with. Because time's so much fun when you're having flies...

Oh, and always remember - the purple monkey peed under the forbidden tree in order to stop the ladybugs from invading. Murr shmat.

[ WARNING : this journal contains much geekery, from computer games, to tv shows and fandom ramblings. It may also occasionally contain the usual type of 'journal entry', ranting about my life or explaining something funny that happened at work. In short, expect anything and everything to be posted. ]